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Thank you to Barbara Price, Linda Watkins and their team of dedicated helpers; and all the children who produced this year's Mothers' Day play called 'Automum'

Another inventive creation by Harry Shaw - an 'Automum' with flashing lights - was on show. Thank you Harry for all your hard work and creativity over the years in producing sets and props for Barbara's productions. 

Linda's 'Wizard of Oz' seated behind the 'Automum' didn't go unnoticed!

Congratulations, it was very entertaining and much appreciated. 

More photos of the 'Automum' play by Junior Church


Dudley Street, Sedgley - but which year?

We have been lent an intriguing photo of Dudley Street and All Saints' by George Blackham of Sedgley Local History Society. The photo came from local historian Andrew Barnett's collection. 

It shows All Saints' Sunday School, formerly a church-run 'National School' built in around 1820, that provided education to children in the village before Queen Victoria School was built in the 1880s. 

All Saints' church tower and eastern elevation can be seen behind the Sunday School. 

The garden in front of the building appears overgrown, and is bordered by a low wall. 

The bus stop, a concrete structure, seems to be in roughly the same spot that the bus stops are today. The White Horse Pub is adjacent to the building to the right. 

It could have been taken around the time the Sunday School was sold, because what appears to be some kind of board, possibly a 'for sale' board, is attached to the tree on the right of the photo. 

At around this time Fine Fare was built on the site (now Iceland), as well as the range of shops that are today Lloyds Chemist and Deb's Diner. 

Readers are invited to estimate the year of the photo - and leave their answers and comments on our Facebook site:

Can you say which year this photo might have been taken? 


The original ceramic mural at Cottage Blinds, Brick Street was created in 1997 by William Burgess. 

In 1997, William Burgess, a local artist, completed a cereamic mural about the manor of Sedgley that's now at the offices of Cottage Blinds in Brick Street, Sedgley. It was created when part of their premises housed Sedgley Museum.  

Brian Chappell has now arranged for a photo of the ceramic artwork to be displayed at Cafe Cappella. 

To celebrate this, and to interpret references in the mural, Martin Jones and George Blackham have prepared a key to the locations and people featured.

An image of All Saints' features prominently in the artwork. 

Sedgley ceramic artwork photo  - key


Martin and Magda undertook another Lenten journey, this time exploring the south- western part of the Diocese of Worcester around Malvern (including eastern parts of Hereford Diocese on the border with Worcester)

One of the aims was to make contact and share experiences with fellow congregations in other parts of the Diocese. 

The lych gate of Cradley church. 

Part 1 - Cradley, Herefordshire 

Holy Trinity, Bosbury.

Part 2 - Holy Trinity, Bosbury

St Faith is depicted in a stained glass window, at Berrow. 

Part 3: Eldersfield, Pendock and Berrow 

Martin at Great Malvern Priory.

Part 4: Little Malvern Priory and Great Malvern Priory

A highlight of the visit was the mystical, haunting imagery used in Tom Denny's stained glass windows at Great Malvern Priory. 

Part 5 - Tom Denny Stained Glass Windows at Great Malvern Priory


Click below to hear the Bishop of Worcester's Lent Message 2018

Lent Message 2018


January-February 2018 Content: Archived 23/2/18 


George Blackham of Sedgley Local History Society was our guest at the latest Friday Coffee Morning Xtra Session, where we went through all the buildings and people featured in the Sedgley Local History mural.  

George helped us to write captions for a photo of the ceramic mural which has recently been erected at Cafe Cappella. The original mural can still be seen at Cottage Blinds in Brick Street. 


All Saints' existing Conservation Area. 

Comments from a previous 'Coffee Morning Xtra' session are now being collated to send to Dudley Council's Historic Environment Department. 

Local people have been asked to respond to Dudley MBC's proposals in the Sedgley 'Conservation Area Character Appraisal'

The full 40 page 'conservation area character appraisal' document.

The All Saints' Sedgley Conservation Area 40 page booklet can be downloaded from this Dudley MBC site  

Online public questionnare

The council require feedback from the public about their proposals by Monday 19th February 2018.


A new Lent Course has been produced by the Church of England and is called 'Live Lent: Let Your Light Shine'. 

The booklet is beautifully designed with a passage to read each day, with recommended activities.

The 2:30pm session on Thursdays starting 22/2/18 will be at St Andrew’s Hall, and the 7:30pm course will start on the same day at Revd Guy Hewlett's (All Saints' Vicarage in Vicar Street)… There's a course at Claire Cox's house at 72 The Straits on Thursday evenings, which started 15/2/18.

The booklet costs £2.50. There is also a version available as an iphone App free.

You can sign up for the courses on sheets at the back of our churches.


Vicar Ruth Hulse in Episode 6. 

Sadly the BBC2 documentary about the life of the church in Hereford Diocese concluded last Friday.

Vicar Ruth Hulse visits a local training centre for young people who have struggled in mainstream education. But when she discovers that its future is threatened due to funding problems, she resolves to increase the support of the church.

In Shropshire, Matthew Stafford is lending his support to a local farm, run by a member of his choir, that helps young people with special needs. Here, caring for animals - not to mention plenty of singing - has achieved spectacular results. In the Black Mountains, Vicar Nicholas is snowed in. His spaniels enjoy the snow more than he does, but it gives him a welcome opportunity to prepare for his carol service and offer his thoughts on the carols he loves, and others he hates.

You can still watch episode 6 - and the other episodes - on iPlayer. 

A Vicar's Life - Episode 6 on iPlayer


Website visits range from a low of 26 per day, to a high of 50 per day. The average is 39 visits a day. 

The most popular page is the Home Page, followed by 'photos', 'services and events' and 'contact' details. 

From time to time we look at the effectiveness of the website. 

Google Analytics looks at the daily usage and produces reports on the usage of the website by visitors. 

We have an average of 39 visitors a day - but this can rise to 50 on a good day. Most visitors spend around two and a half minutes on the site. 

The most popular page is the Home Page, but 'photos', 'services and events' listings,  'contact details' and 'directions' are also frequently sought. 

57% of our visitors are repeat visitors; 43% are first time viewers. 


The main cause of crashes involves vehicles emerging from Gospel End Street colliding with vehicles approaching at speed up the hill, rounding the corner into Vicar Street.

Work has started (and stopped!) on the Gospel End Street/Vicar Street junction outside Cafe Cappella. 

A plan for works to be carried out is (belatedly) on display at Sedgley Library. 

The plan for the junction is now displayed  on a board in Sedgley Library. Unfortunately there has been no opportunity for the public to comment as work has already started. 

After a call to the Traffic Department it would appear that the measures currently being undertaken are classified as only 'interim' and their effectiveness in reducing accidents will be reviewed.

Sadly, as they are 'interim' measures, they were not deemed worthy of a public consultation. 

Alas It looks like the main cause of accidents has been ignored i.e. vehicles travelling too fast up the the hill at Gospel End Street and rounding the bend into Vicar Street, colliding with vehicles emerging from Gospel End Street, coming down the hill. 

There are measures (ie red 'rumble strips') to slow down vehicles coming from the Bull Ring, but this isn't the main cause of collisions. 

Speed bumps outside St Benedict Biscop School in School Road, Wombourne, slow traffic and prevent accidents. 

Without a radical rethinking of the road system in the village, speed bumps are the only way to slow vehicles down that are rounding the corner into Vicar Street. (The bumps in School Road Wombourne outside St Benedict Biscop School are a good example of their effective use.) 

Bumps haven't been ruled out by the Traffic Department but aren't part of their current plans. The slightly raised area the council have put in outside Cafe Cappella isn't on the main road, won't slow vehicles down that are rounding the corner - and is merely causing vehicles to swerve at the last moment in a dangerous manner.   

They are realigning the junction between Gospel End Street and Bush Bank but the problem of speed on the main thoroughfare will remain and it's unlikely to reduce collisions.

There are an average of 7 per year at this junction alone, and that's just those that are notified to the council. 

Alas this is a huge missed opportunity to improve safety - so all we can advise is to continue to exercise great caution and lobby for speed bumps to be installed - and in due course a radical reworking of the road system.  

Leave a comment on our Facebook page


Jack Lester takes part in the 2014 Sedgley Royal British Legion Remembrance Sunday Parade.

A message from Bob Hill of Sedgley Royal British Legion

"Just to let you know Mr John Lester known as Jack and vice president of Sedgley RBL passed away yesterday (22/1/18). He was the last surviving member of the branch who served during the Second World War."

Gornal and Sedgley Team Ministry offer their sincere condolences to Jack's family, friends, and to everyone who knew Jack at the Legion.  


Thomas Cromwell.

Thomas Cromwell has emerged from history with a monstrous reputation - not least for arranging, along with Cardinal Wolsey, Henry VIII's divorce from Catherine of Aragon, and after Wolsey's fall, bringing about the execution of Anne Boleyn

However the very church that we worship in today derives from decisions he made and influence he exerted while at the seat of power as Henry's henchman. 

The fact that the Queen, and not the Pope, is Head of the Church of England, is down to him. Cromwell scoured the annals of English history, quoting Geoffrey of Monmouth, to suggest that the King of England was an Emperor and as such could not be ruled by Rome. 

He also persuaded Henry to publish and distribute a Bible in English ('The Great Bible' of 1539) to all parish churches, a year before Cromwell's death. 

Furthermore, some time after Cromwell's execution in 1540 another key difference with Rome that had been initiated by Cromwell was introduced under Edward VI and then officially consolidated among the 39 articles under Elizabeth I - the significance given to the Bread and Wine at the Eucharist.

While  Catholics believe the bread and wine are transformed and become the body and blood of Our Saviour  during the Mass ('transsubstantiation') - Anglicans believe they merely act as reminders of the Last Supper and Christ's Passion - as first propounded by the Protestant Reformer Huldrych Zwingli in Switzerland. 

An excellent documentary by Professor Diarmaid MacCulloch of Oxford University traces Cromwell's rise and fall, from brewer's son, to the height of his power under Henry, to his eventual execution in the Tower of London. 

Thomas Cromwell - Henry VIII's enforcer, BBC iPlayer

Christmas/New Year 2017-18 Content Archived 3/2/18


All Saints' burial ground under snow in 1941, showing the old Church Hall where Iceland car park now is. 

The same scene in December 2017 - the graveyard is now a public park, and the new Church Hall built in the 1950s appears to the left. It looks like the tree in the park to the right of the church has survived until the present time. 

A wonderful discovery, contributed by Lis Little, for our All Saints' Church Archive!

It's a photo from the depths of World War II - a 1941 image of All Saints' Burial Ground in Vicar Street, with All Saints' in the background.

The significant differences from today are that the burial ground was deconsecrated in the 1980s, and is now a public gardens; through the trees what is now Iceland Car Park was then All Saints' Church Hall before it was relocated to its present site in the 1950s.

The old church hall is only really discernible when you enlarge the photo however. 

Thank you so much Lis!

We've added the image to our: 

Archive Shots of All Saints' Album




Father Rob Parker McGee (right), who was curate in Gornal and Sedgley 2010-14, with our former Team Rector, Canon Stephen Buckley at his ordination in Worcester. 

Father Rob Parker McGee, who was curate at Gornal and Sedgley 2010-14, is to be the Vicar of All Saints', Orpington in the London borough of Bromley, moving from his current incumbency in Geddington, Northamptonshire in February. A full announcement is on the Geddington parish website

Father Rob and his family. 

Father Rob to move to a London parish - Geddington website 

Notice on the Orpington website


Canon Susan Renshaw at Holy Trinity, Eckington in Pershore Deanery, in March 2017.

Canon Susan Renshaw was curate at All Saints' Sedgley from 2002-2006. 

Her term as Rural Dean of Pershore finishes at the end of January, and she is hoping to retire as Vicar of Holy Trinity Eckington in September 2018.  

Martin's tour of Holy Trinity, Eckington, with Canon Susan Renshaw in March 2017


Dorothy at her 80th birthday celebrations organised by Mothers' Union in 2011.  

FUNERAL – the funeral of the late Dorothy Inett took place at All Saints’ Church on Thursday 11th January at 2.30pm, followed by Gornal Wood Crematorium at 3.30pm.

Dorothy was a very active member of All Saints' for many decades, and we owe her a huge debt of gratitude for what she achieved.

Her work has greatly assisted in making All Saints' a wonderful church, and in providing a great deal of support and assistance to people in the village and in the wider Dudley area.

You may wish to add your own reflections on Dorothy's contribution to our church - on Dorothy Inett tributes page

If you'd like to, please email your personal thoughts about Dorothy's life at our church and in our village to:

Dorothy Inett Tributes Page

The page will remain open throughout January 2018 so everyone who wishes to contribute may do so.


9 full boxes of Christingles ready for the Christingle Service - the elves have been busy!

The Christingle-making workshop in the Church Hall at All Saints' worked overtime to cater for record demand at the Christingle Service on Christmas Eve. 

Revd Guy and Christingle helpers with the finished product!

Around 20 helpers came along to work on the Christingle 'conveyor belt', each assigned a specific assembly task!

Some put sweets onto cocktail sticks, others pushed candles into the oranges. A record 280 Christingles were made to give to children. 

Many thanks to Barbara Price and all her assistants for organising this event for the children and families, who look forward to this special annual service. 

Album of Christingle Workshop 2017

Highlights of our 'Diocese' exhibition

Martin Jones with Revd Guy Hewlett at the opening of the 'Diocese' exhibition on Friday 22nd December 2017 at All Saints'. 

Martin began his journey around the Diocese in the Pershore Deanery, where he met our ex-curate Canon Susan Renshaw. Susan showed him round St Peter's, Besford and two other churches in the Deanery. 

Revd Guy Hewlett launched the 'Diocese' exhibition at our coffee morning (22nd December 2017) at All Saints'. The show was on display over Christmas and New Year - and has now been taken down. 

A beautiful window at St Kenelm's, Clifton-upon-Teme: John the Baptist baptises Jesus. 

The show featured a selection of images from seven excursions to various parts of the Diocese undertaken in 2017, exploring the wonderful churches, art and architecture to be seen in the Diocese of Worcester. 

Each was in the form of a 'road trip', visiting 3-4 churches within easy reach of one another in a day's trip from Sedgley. All Deaneries in the south of the Diocese were visited. 

Martin said: 'Some of the treasures Magda and I visited are well known, like the Tom Denny windows at Malvern Priory, but other are less celebrated, like The Bridge (formerly St Luke's - now an ecumenical church) at Headless Cross, Redditch which has some glorious Victorian frescos.'

Here are some highlights from the exhibition:

Online highlights of the Diocese exhibition

Noah's Ark Christmas Party, Father Christmas and Blessing by Revd Guy 

Father Christmas and an elf were in the Meeting Room Grotto to greet the children.

Our Team Rector Revd Guy Hewlett and his wife Jackie brought their grandchildren along. 

Everyone had their photo taken at the end. 

Thanks to Jenny Lavender, Linda Edwards and all volunteers for organising a huge Christmas party for Noah's Ark children and parents on the morning of Tuesday 19th December 2017. 

The hall was absolutely packed and Father Christmas arrived at the end to meet the children. 

Revd Guy blessed the children and their parents - and everyone did a long 'AAAAAAAh-Meeeeeen!

Noah's Ark Christmas Party 2017 photo album

Autumn 2017 content



A member of Junior Church lights the Gaudete Sunday candle.

On Gaudete ('Rejoice'/'Break') Sunday (17th December 2017) at our Morning Communion Service, a member of Junior Church lit the third, pink, candle on our Advent Wreath, representing John the Baptist.

Junior Church's Nativity Play

Junior Church's Nativity Play also took place. Here's an album of shots of the production:

Junior Church Nativity Play, 17th December 2017

New pictures added to our Review of 2017

The Open the Book Team December 2017

Three new pictures have been added to our Review of 2017. 

If your activity hasn't been featured in the review, and you have a picture you'd like to send us, with a caption, please email it to:

Review of 2017 version 2

United for Christmas: Sedgley churches come together to sing  carols 

The gathering of all four Sedgley Christian churches in Vicar Street Gardens. 

St Andrew's, St Chad's, All Saints' and Sedgley Community Church united to sing carols in the middle of Sedgley. 

Members of the congregations of all four Sedgley Christian denominations united in Vicar Street Gardens on the afternoon of Saturday 9th December to sing carols, listen to the Nativity story and hear the message of Christmas together. 

It was a really cold day but over 40 people braved the conditions to be part of what we hope will become a regular thing - worshipping together as Christian churches. Afterwards we took refuge at All Saints' Christmas Tree Festival, and recovered over tea and coffee. 

More pictures of the Carol Singing in Vicar Street Gardens

Sedgley under snow

A few shots of Sedgley, and All Saints' on the first heavy snowfalls of winter: 7-9 December 2017:

All Saints' churchyard under snow on Saturday morning 9/12/17.

The final weekend of the Christmas Tree Festival at All Saints'.

The Christmas postbox outside Yummy Wok.

Vicar Street Gardens, with All Saints' in the distance.

Ladies' Society Christmas Events 

Linda Watkins writes: 

"Ladies Society have spent two lovely evenings together this week, the first one with a bring and share in the function room - for the second one we ventured out to Cafe Casita, where we enjoyed an excellent meal.
We would like to thank Geraldine our chair lady and our committee for putting so much time and thought into planning our meetings.
Thank you all of you from Ladies Society members."

Photos of the Ladies' Society Christmas events 


Jenny Lavender was the lucky winner of £50 in Coop food vouchers in the People's Archive Competition. A shop was secretly chosen by Revd Guy - entrants then had to fill in a card with their memory of a property/shop in Bull Ring, High Street or Dudley Street. The entry sited closest to Guy's choice of location was the winner. 

Jenny's memory is of her great grandfather's bakery in the Bull Ring

In 1940, Jenny's great grandfather Frank Roden was running a baker's shop at 2 High Street, next to Hartills Butchers, with his loading bay at the back, in what is now Whitesmiths Close. 

The People's Archive exhibition was sponsored by Midcounties Co-operative.


Pleased with the total raised at the Christmas Fair - Jenny Lavender, John Anderson, Linda Watkins and Jane Hartshorne

A message from John and Keith our Churchwardens:

"A splendid effort by all those involved, either those running stalls or behind the scenes, in supporting the Christmas Fayre which raised £1,978.54.  

Cynthia Round assisted and enabled income from the Bottle Stall and Tombola to be matched by Barclays' Community Charity Engagement Initiative so we have secured a further £460.54.  This sum yet to be claimed."

Thank you, and well done to all the volunteers who made this year's event a resounding success!

Here are some picture highlights from Friday, Saturday and Sunday, at the start of Advent: 

Looking up towards The Clifton, Sedgley Bull Ring throngs with people attending the Christmas Lights switch-on on Sunday 3rd December at 6pm.  

The stage erected in the Bull Ring.

The 'Jungle' attraction in Gospel End Street.

Revd Guy blesses the trees at the opening of the Christmas Tree Festival 2017 on Friday 1st December.

All Saints' fills with children, parents and parishioners for Friday's Christmas Tree opening event. 

Trees at the Christmas Tree Festival at All Saints'. 

Revd Guy officially opens the 'Sedgley: A People's Archive' exhibition in the Church Hall Meeting Room. 

More than 150 shops feature in the People's Archive exhibition. So far 80 people have so far left their reminiscences at the exhibition and at Reminiscence Cafe sessions in the autumn. A 'lucky memory' chosen at random by Revd Guy had a £50 voucher prize from Coop to spend in one of their food stores. 

Revd Guy talks to visitors to the exhibition about the history of Sedgley's shops.

The crowd at All Saints' Christmas Fair 2017. The new layout of cafe and stalls worked very well. 

The brilliant Singing Angels entertain the All Saints' Christmas Fair in the Church Hall. 

After a huge collective effort, organisers Chris and Liz Williams relax with All Saints' helpers in the Christmas Tree Festival tea and coffee area. 

All Saints' Christmas Tree Festival 2017

Sedgley Christmas Lights Switch On Event 2017

A message from our Treasurer John Anderson 

"I have registered with JustTextGiving for donations to All Saints'.  Unlike JustGiving this does not incur a fee, but can only accept donations by text.

I have just sent a test donation that has been accepted - I await to see it work it’s way through the system to All Saints'."

Parishioners are encouraged to use this method of giving to benefit All Saints'. 

Miss Moslett's (Coslett's?) School, Sedgley

Miss Moslett's School, Sedgley. Malcolm Smith is the boy on the far left. 

At St Andrew's Christmas Fair, Irene Baines handed us an enigmatic photo of a school in Sedgley, which would probably have been in existence in Edwardian times, judging by the children's dress. 

Irene's father Malcolm Smith is one of only three boys in what appears to be predominantly a girls' school, which Irene says was located in Sedgley. 

She recalls it being called 'Miss Moslett's', but can't say where it was. 

It has the appearance of a small 'Dame School' which were still around in the early 20th century - or a small private educational establishment. 

Christine Buckley has researched a family called Coslett who were teachers, and it's likely this was their school. 

This house is said to have been a private school in the early part of the 20th century.

Another property of interest regarding Sedgley schools came from our reminiscence cafe at Sedgley Library - a property in the High Street terrace, next door to what is now the Tasty Plaice, is said to have once been Mrs Brassington's school. 

Can anyone help with more information? If so, contact Martin:

St Andrew's lovely new windows

St Andrew's The Straits has replaced some of its stained glass windows, thanks to energetic local fundraising, generous donations and bequests. 

Well done to everyone involved - they look very colourful and smart. Here's a look at the new windows - and a note of the people in whose memory they are dedicated: 

St Andrew's new stained glass windows 2017

St Andrew's raises £1,895 at their Christmas Fair! 

Jan Humphries the elf - who was on cafe duty at the Christmas Fair. 

The Christmas Fair banner. 

Christmas began at St Andrew's The Straits with their Christmas Fair on Saturday 18th November. 

All the customary stalls were there again this year, plus the cafe, with wonderful food cooked and served by volunteers to cheer us up on a cold wet day. 

St Andrew's Singing Angels Choir launched St Andrew's Christmas Fair.

The event was beautifully launched by the Singing Angels choir who are based at St Andrew's and who meet there  every Sunday afternoon.  

Congratulations to all concerned for another really enjoyable event!

They raised £1,895 for church funds, which is an outstanding achievement!


St Andrew's Christmas Fair 2017

All Saints' Quiz Night raises £100

The Quiz Night held by All Saints' raised £100 for church funds - they had 10 teams of 4 persons in each team - £10 entry per team.  

The Quiz was held in the Meeting Room at the Church Hall. 

Thank you to Mike Edwards' sister Di who set and marked the questions, and to All Saints' Events/Entertainments Team for making the arrangements. 

The event was held in the Meeting Room at the Church Hall on Saturday 18th November 2017. Congratulations to the winners - Geraldine Baker's team. 

Another photo of Quiz Night (thanks to Kath Apperley for the photos.) 

Scottish bagpipe band leads Remembrance Sunday Parade 2017

The Spenrogjonda Highlanders from Wolverhampton led the Remembrance Sunday Parade.

The pipers lead the parade from Dudley Street into Vicar Street.

Sedgley marked Remembrance Sunday with the annual Sedgley Royal British Legion Parade and Service on 12/11/17.

This is always Sedgley's most impressive show of community spirit - over 400 people combine to remember the sacrifice made by people from our village (and servicemen and women throughout the country) for freedom and for peace.

From 10am organisations began to gather in The Walk, Sedgley - in the area between the Ex-Servicemen's Club and The Crown pub. Organisations included the Scouts and Guides, Brownies and Beavers and St John Ambulance. 

They were put into marching order by Bob Hill of the Sedgley Royal British Legion, and at 10.15am the march began, proceeding down High Street towards the Bull Ring.  

The parade turns into All Saints' churchyard.

Police and a team of volunteers provided marshalling along the route. Roads were temporarily sectioned off to allow safe passage through the Bull Ring and up Dudley Street, wheeling right into Vicar Street. Once in Vicar Street, the procession was led into All Saints' churchyard. 

Colour parties remain outside on the paved area as organisations file into church. 

The return parade passes through the Bull Ring.  

This year by arrangement with Dudley Council, a special cross-shaped grassed area was set aside in the churchyard for those who wished to remember the fallen by placing  wooden poppy crosses.  

Remembrance Sunday Parade 2017

Revd John Linford

Revd John Linford, Vicar of All Saints' 1970-78

Revd John Linford's funeral was held on 8th November in Staffordshire. Parishioners' memories of John, who was All Saints' vicar from 1970-78, are still welcome.

Contact us with your memories of Revd John Linford

So far we have received the following: 

Memories of Revd Linford by Tony Wright

Parishioners' memories of John Linford

Revd Linford is  remembered along with other vicars of All Saints' in our photo gallery: 

Vicars of Sedgley photo gallery

Martin completes his (second) Bishop's Certificate 

Martin was awarded his Bishop's Certificate (for the second time!) during a service at Worcester Cathedral, alongside others from the St Mary's Oldswinford Group who studied under Revd Stephen Agnew's leadership on Tuesday nights over 30 weeks in 2016-2017. 

There was a drinks reception in the Chapter House on arrival.  

Around 40 students and their supporters in groups from Droitwich, Evesham, Old Hill and Oldswinford were present at the ceremony, which was held in the Cathedral's Chapter House. Certificates were presented by the Bishop of Dudley, The Right Reverend Graham Usher during a service of Compline.  

Martin had already received a certificate when he first studied the course led by Revd Gary Ward (now Vicar of Claverley) at Holy Trinity Wordsley in 2009/10. 

The Oldswinford Study Group in the Chapter House with the Bishop of Dudley after the presentation of certificates.

He said: " I wanted to do a course of religious study again, and Stephen Agnew kindly accepted me on the St Mary's Oldswinford course. Clearly there was some repetition, but it was beneficial to look at old topics again, and there is so much to study you could never say 'been there, done that!'. 

We met each week in the beautiful old Coach House at St Mary's. I greatly value the Christian fellowship we shared in our study group. 

The Jewish 'Seder' meal shared during the Bishop's Certificate course.

One of the highlights early in the course was a 'Seder' Passover meal involving a symbolic retelling of the story of the liberation of the Israelites from slavery in ancient Egypt. It helped students to understand the Jewish beliefs, customs and traditions that relate to the story of the Jews and led me to a better understanding of the Old Testament." 

The group was co-led by LLM Mary German and Revd Alex French, curate at St Mary's. 

Coverage on the Diocesan website

Photos from the evening's service and presentation

Ukulele concert raises £480

Mike Edwards

Congratulations to Mike Edwards and colleagues, who raised £480 for All Saints' Church at the Ukulele concert in church on 21 October. 

Children's Society Autumn Fayre - Saturday 14th October 2017

Singing Angels delight and entertain at the Children's Society Autumn Fayre.

Linda Watkins writes:

"It was the Children’s Society Autumn Fayre on Saturday 14th October.
The churches that participated were St Chad's, St Mary’s, St Francis's, St Peter’s, St James's and All Saints’.
What a wonderful occasion to see so many different churches working together for such a good cause!
There was in excess of £1,500 raised on the day, with more funds to come in.
Thank you all so very much to all the helpers and to all who came to support, and extra special thanks to Singing Angels -they were delightful."

Children's Society Autumn Fayre 2017 photos

The way we were

Ron Baker's 1981 sketch of All Saints' as it might have appeared pre-1826.

Drawing based on a sketch found in the vestry.

George Blackham of Sedgley Local History Society has kindly sent us drawings of All Saints', as it might have appeared before it was rebuilt between 1826-9. 

The top image is by Ron Baker, a local businessman who was also a prolific artist, who created a wonderful record of Sedgley's buildings from 1947 onwards. 


Here's diocesan coverage and photos of Jan Humphries' ceremony investing her as an Honorary Canon of the Cathedral. More coverage further down this page.

Six new honorary canons - Diocesan website

Facebook photos of the service


Bishop John Inge is to remarry - story on the Diocesan website