House Style Guide

Suggested forms for writing church terms and expressions for Gornal and Sedgley Team Ministry documents, and online. 


'Fayre' or 'Fair'?

We suggest 'Fair' - Fayre is a pseudo-archaic spelling of fair. 

Rev, Rev., Revd, or The Reverend? 

In a formal written context, the title should be written 'The Reverend Guy Hewlett'.

However 'Revd' is an acceptable form for everyday usage , ie 'Revd Guy Hewlett'. 

All Saints' or All Saints?


All Saints'; St Andrew's and St Peter's

This is acceptable as the abbreviation of All Saints' Church, St Peter's Church and St Andrew's Church. The apostrophe indicates the church belongs to the saint to whom it was dedicated. 

There is no need for a full stop after St

This is a matter of preference as for example, many institutions don't use an apostrophe, eg:

Mary Stevens Hospice

In this case the hospice takes its title from a well known/respected person or benefactor, but there is no suggestion that the person named owns or owned that institution.

So it could be argued that our churches should be referred to as: 

All Saints

St Peter

St Andrew

because the churches are named after the saints concerned. 

All Saints' Vicarage or All Saints Vicarage?

For the same reason as above, the apostrophe should be used -

the vicarage belongs to All Saints', so an apostrophe is required. 

The same applies to:

St Peter's Church Hall

St Andrew's Church Hall


Mothers Union or Mothers' Union 

Again, the union belongs to the mothers, so an apostrophe is required. 

The same applies to Ladies' Society; All Saints' Singers etc.