Tributes to David Screen

Tributes to the late David Screen, who died on Saturday 10th April 2021. 

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Bob Hill, David's close friend, delivered this eulogy at David's funeral service, held at All Saints' Sedgley on 19th May 2021:


David James Screen

Today we have come to say our earthly goodbyes to David James Screen, a loving brother, uncle, neighbour, and a dear friend. I was surprised that I had known David for such a long time - over forty years.


David was born on the 3rd of December 1947 at Rosemary Ednam maternity unit. The only son of the late Aubrey and Kathleen Screen. Today he is survived by Pamela, Amanda, John, Oliver, Anya, Sarah, Lou, Jenny, George and Daisy.


David was baptised and confirmed in this church, and he went to Queen Victoria Primary School and the Dormston School. In his working life he worked in retail, engineering and care work.


I suppose if you cut David in half it would say All Saints' Sedgley all the way through. He sang in the church choir - my cousin Susan told me she could remember him as a choirboy.  A regular server, he was part of the Choral Evensong servers: Len Millard on the north side, Roy Watkins Crucifer and David on the south side (because he was a staunch Wolves supporter in the South Bank!).


A leader in the Second Sedgley Scout Group, he was known as 'Screeny' by the Scouts. David only went to the annual scout camp for a long weekend, but the boys knew when he had gone home, because the standard of cooking dropped!


A member of the Men’s Society, he organised trips to various parts of the country; and he was also a committee member of the Social Club.


David was a member of the Sedgley Branch of the Royal British Legion, serving on the committee - and eventually became chairman. For a number of years he organised the Annual Remembrance Sunday Parade - and I did not realise untilthe other day that he had sold poppies for over fifty years.


He was famous for his one-liners: "I will have a fish and chip" - Sarah would ask: "Only one chip, Uncle!?'" He thought calamaris were onion rings and said to Becky: "Your Chinese chicken is better than the Yummy Wok Lasagne."


He was a fully paid up member of the Friday Club at the Summer House and there was always something to laugh and joke about. Becky’s mom and David would compare notes about their visits to the Haematology clinic, because they both had the same condition - and they both liked Doctor Fernandez.


Becky and I spoke to David on Easter Sunday to wish him a Happy Easter and he said to Becky: “I do miss your home cooking.”


On the Friday before he died I spoke to him and his last words to me were: “I'll ring you tomorrow morning to discuss the Wolves match,” because Wolves were playing on the Friday night. Sadly this was not to be.


Death came to David at the age of 73 and he passed away peacefully, but through all his illnesses he fought with great courage and fortitude. Death is something we all have to face one day and sometimes we may find it hard to bear. An enduring image is that of Jesus as the Good Shepherd who knows every one of his sheep, that is us, by name. He leads us to pastures new, protects us, looks for the lost, and gave his life for his sheep.

Jesus promised that if we trust God as he himself knows His Father we shall not see death - meaning that we shall hardly feel it, but take it in our spiritual stride.

That’s the hope that lies at the heart of the Christian faith - the hope that this death will be a gateway into a new life in Christ Jesus, a better life. We are reminded in the Bible that God shall wipe away every tear from our eyes and death will be no more. The Paschal Candle stands by the coffin reminding us that when the candle is lit on Easter Eve, it represents those who have passed from darkness to light - a new light in Christ Jesus. The cross on the altar symbolises the greatest thing in our life: Jesus died that we might live. In St John’s Gospel Jesus tells us he goes to prepare a place for us.  We do not know what this place is like, but it's far better than this earthly life.

David was God’s own unique creation and God does not waste anything he made. He has now joined that Glorious Cloud of Witnesses that no one can number, to share in the joys we can all look forward to one day. David was loved and cared for in this life and you can now leave him, perfect in the arms of his loving heavenly father.


Martin Jones, 11/4/21:

"I didn't know David personally, however I'm aware of the huge part he played in the life of the Sedgley community over many years, through his involvement with Sedgley Scouts and Sedgley Royal British Legion.

I was enormously impressed with the scale and immaculate organisation of the annual Remembrance Sunday Parade from The Walk to All Saints' Church that he helped to co-ordinate, which would attract over 400 members of local uniformed organisations each year. David often led the Parade, despite the difficulties he experienced with walking." 

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The following reminiscences were added after David's funeral on 19th May 2021: 

Shaun Keasey

A long standing and dedicated member of our community. Very sad indeed.




  • Yvonne Yorke Peplow
  • Such a sad day David was allways a quiet gentleman.always had a smile.we grew up together all throu childhood living opposite ea other in Netherby Road then I visit him in his bungalow and we had a good catch up then covid locked us down so couldn't se… 


  • Becky Hill

    A beautiful service and will be greatly missed xxxx


  • Peter Mason

    Surprised to hear about the death of David. He was a leader in the cubs 2nd Sedgley when i was a little lad. Sad. RIP.


  • Carol Cashmore

    It was a great service - you will be missed ðŸ™